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Lucky Charms

March 16, 2012

I’d be lying if I told you that I looked forward to St. Patrick’s Day every year, or that I was even remotely interested in the holiday. No offense to the Irish, but the idea of spending all night in a crowded bar just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. If they served shamrock shakes all night long, I might be a little more enthused, but I have yet to find that kind of ‘bar.’ These pendants definitely excite me, and they add the perfect charm to any outfit. Just like heart necklaces, which I posted here, I wear clovers and horseshoes all year round. I have yet to win the lottery or find a pot of gold (of anything for that matter), but I will certainly continue to wear them despite their lack of good fortune.

1/ Alex Woo ‘Mini Addition’ Gold Clover Pendant, $350
2/ Zoe Chicco Hammered Horseshoe Necklace, $342
3/ Vanrycke Clover Charm Necklace, $371
4/ Marjorie Victor Horseshoe Necklace, $130
5/ Laura Lee Four Leaf Clover Pendant, $256.04
6/ Jennifer Meyer Four Leaf Clover, $875
7/ Alex Woo ‘Little Luck’ Four Leaf Clover Pendant, $798
8/ Minor Obsessions Horseshoe Charm Necklace, $315
9/ House of Harlow Large Horseshoe Necklace, $112.80
10/ Elizabeth and James Small Horseshoe Pendant, $110
11/ Jennifer Zeuner Clover Diamond Necklace, $187
12/ Les Poulettes Lucky Clover Bracelet, $23

Mint Mania

March 9, 2012

It’s nearly impossible to read a magazine or tweet these days without some mention of a Mint. No, I’m not talking about thin mints. And no, I’m not talking about McDonald’s peppermint milkshakes either (though I am craving one right now). I’m talking about JewelMint, ShoeMint, BeautyMint, and StyleMint – the e-commerce stores taking the fashion and beauty worlds by storm. I’ve always been leery of products that involve a membership, however, these sites seem to have made it easy with a just-click-skip no commitment to buy. On top of that they’re easy to navigate (always a plus in my book) and their products are extremely cute and stylish. If you’re not one to be enticed by a celebrity endorser then their budget-friendly pieces may just do the trick – everything is reasonably priced between $29.99 to $79.99.

Backing the Brand: Actress and ridiculously pretty fashion icon Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.
The Low Down: Once you complete a style quiz, a questionnaire based on your personal style and personality, you will be presented with a new selection of jewelry on the 1st of each month. You then have 5 days to choose one of your selections for purchase, request more, or elect to skip the month at no charge.

Backing the Brand: Actress and looks-cute-in-everything fashion icon Rachel Bilson, celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez, and shoe maven Steve Madden.
The Low Down: Complete a style quiz and then immediately begin browsing shoes based on your results. Once you make your first purchase, you will gain access to their exclusive monthly shoe collection, which changes each time. You are then given the choice of purchasing a pair or not.   

Backing the Brand: Singer-turned-mogul Jessica Simpson and skincare expert Nerida Joy
The Low Down: Based on your consultation, a series of questions regarding your skin type and goals, you’ll be sent a personalized skincare system consisting of either four or five items (cleansers, toners, and moisturizers) each month. 

Backing the Brand: Sisters and season ticket holders to every-fashion-show-on-the-planet Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.
The Low Down: After completing a style profile you will receive an email on the 1st of each month with a selection of t-shirts based on your results. You then have 5 days to chose one or more of your selections for purchase. You always have the option of skipping months at no charge.